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Salvador Dali

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Salvador Dali


Created By Myesha Uker






Dali's Childhood....

     Dali was born on May 11, 1904 in Figures, Spain (Biography). Growing up, Dali had a fear of his father. He would turn to his mother or servants for comfort. At the age of four Salvador Dali was sent to public school. However, he did not like the idea of being confined to a classroom all day. Most of his school time was spent day dreaming. When Dali's father found out that he was not doing well in school he put him into a private school. Here he was taught French, even though he spoke Catalan. French was the language that he used as an artist. He spent childhood summers in a fishing village near Cadaques. This was were Dali's first art studio was built by his parents. A family friend, Ramon Pichot, helped Dali with his paintings, and was his mentor(Dali museum).








     Ramon Pichot also help convinced Salvador Dali's father to allow Salvador to apply to San Fernando Academy of Art in Madrid(Biography).  He was accepted in 1922. Dali felt that he had more freedom at the academy. While at the Academy, Dali's art work was put on exhibit . He even had two solo exhibits!(Dali Museum) However, Dali did not feel challenged by his instructors, so he would challenge the instructors. He also encouraged other class mates to do the same. Disciplinary issues soon resulted in the dismissal of Dali in 1926(Biography).   

     Afterward, Dali moved back to his hometown and worked on more of his art. Art exhibits, in town, would show his work(Dali Museum). Citizens liked to see his new paintings. Over time Dali's art became more and more distorted showing manipulation and decay. The community became horrified and the exhibits no longer took place(Biography). 








     In 1929, Salvador Dali went to Paris. While there the Surrealist members found his art interesting and wanted his as part of the group. Dali joined in on the Surrealist movement. Also in Paris, Dali met a woman named Gala. She was a married woman who was nine years older than him. The two became inseparable. They soon became married. Gala drove his to purse fame(Dali Museum). 

     Later on, Dali became obsessed with paranoia and began including it in his art. He used the paranoic-critical method. 

     At this point in Dali's life he had grown popularity and fame as a surrealist member. In 1939, Salvador Dali decided to end his membership with the surrealist group. Afterward, Dali focused on individual artwork and studied more about paranoia(Biography). 







After Surrealism.....

     Salvador Dali and Gala moved to America due to the start of World War II. Americans has a popular interest in Dali's work. His paintings were in a multitude of exhibits throughout New York(Dali Museum). After the dropping of the atomic bomb, Dali became interested in the power of the atom the dynamics physics. He Incorporated some of this scientific knowledge into his artwork. Dali called this style of art 'Nuclear Mysticism'(Biography).






Ending of his life.....

     Within the last few years of Salvador Dali's life he spent less and less time painting. Major museums opened to display his art work, including some in Japan, France, and the United States. Salvador Dali died on January 23, 1989(Dali Museum).





http://www.canadianart.ca/online/features/2008/12/18/salvador dali4 448.jpg












http://science.kukuchew.com /wp-content/uploads/2008/05/salvador-dali-three-sphinxes-of-bikini.jpg





Salvador Dali's surrealist art has made an impact around the world and will continue for years to come. 



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